CAREER BOOKS FOR WOMEN IN 2020 | The best career advice books to read ASAP

CAREER BOOKS FOR WOMEN IN 2020 | The best career advice books to read ASAP
CAREER BOOKS FOR WOMEN IN 2020 | The best career advice books to read ASAP

CAREER BOOKS FOR WOMEN – If you think that you might be making some unconscious mistakes that are sabotaging your career. Whoa, Nelly, you need to read this book. Are you looking for the best books for career guidance to add to your reading list? There are so many career books out there,but what are the best career books for women to read in 2020? Stay tuned to get your reading list for success.

I remember being in my early twenties and rolling my eyes at business books. Because you can’t learn how to do business in a book. Right? I was so incredibly naive. Luckily, since then I’ve learned better.

Because books have so much to teach us. And obviously the more that you read, the more you learn about the ditches that other people have fallen into, so that you can avoidfalling into those same ditches yourself.

Since on an annual basis, I consume more booksthan water, I actually get asked a lot about what career books I would suggest for women. And since I’m asked this question so oftenand I’m sitting here with my nice cup of coffee, I thought that I would just this Post about the books that I actually read on a regular basis and the ones that I recommend every woman should read.

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Make sure you stay all the way to the endof this video, because the last book that I’m going to mention is going to be the bookthat absolutely every woman who has any level of ambition in her career absolutely mustread. Now, if you’re ready, go grab your coffee,click that like button, and let’s get right into it.

The first book that I’m going to recommendis the only book that I actually have a hard copy of. The reason for that is that I’m a pretty hardcoreKindle user at this point and I was even recently turned on to audio books, so this is the onlyone that I have a physical copy, but it is Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by,I believe it’s pronounced Lois Frankel.

I’m going to do my best with all of the authornames, but I am kind of terrible at pronounciating people’s names correctly, so if I do get anywrong, apologies for that. I first discovered this book… actually,it’s one of the first women in business books that I ever picked up.

And quite honestly I probably bought it becauseit was on sale at a bookstore. And it is basically 133 mistakes that womenmake it work that really hold them back. Phew, that’s a lot of mistakes.

Now I know that that sounds overwhelming,but a lot of these are unconscious mistakes or mistakes that are just common practicethat we don’t really think about and actually can really hold us back in our career. I actually credit this book for being oneof the reasons why I don’t use my short name.

I actually went from going as Jenni to Jenniferprofessionally. There was no other book that I can kick thislist off other than this book because this is one that it honestly throughout my twentiesit stayed on my nightstand. I referred to it so frequently and I actuallyjust recently picked up the revised and updated copy.

I haven’t read it yet but it did have a revisionin 2014. This is an older book so some of the thingsI think that the update is probably very welcome. But lots and lots of great advice and I thinkit’s a lot of food for thought for professional woman to make us more mindful, especiallyabout our presence and how we’re being perceived at work.

If you think you might be making some unconsciousmistakes that are sabotaging your career. Whoa Nelly, you need to read this book. And also just to call out, if you are interestedin picking up any of the books, I have them all linked in the description down below. The second book is The Happiness Advantageby Shawn Achor.

If you watched my how to stay positive atwork video, you have heard me mention this one before. And I know that you’re thinking, Jennifer,this is a career books for women video… What’s a dude book doing on there? Well, the thing is this is just honestly areally great book. If we only read books by women, then we’rekind of shutting ourselves off. And isn’t inclusivity the problem that we’retrying to solve here.

I honestly credit this book to being one ofthe ones that rocket launched my career, so I would legitimately be breaking the girlcode if I didn’t make sure that it was on your reading list for 2020. There’s just so much good information in thisbook about cultivating happiness, its connection to productivity, gratitude.

Honestly, if you want to get a crash coursein terms of what this book is, Shawn Achor has a great TED talk that I will link in thedescription bart down below. But I definitely recommend that you checkout this book. And again, it is one that I just come backto again and again. So even though this isn’t explicitly a careerbook for women, this is one that absolutely needs to be on your 2020 reading last.

The third book is the last book that I’m goingto mention as one of my recurring reads, but this is one that if you’ve ever spoken tome, you know that I’m going to at some point in our conversation, drone on and on aboutall of the things that you need to apply from it. And that is The 7 Habits of Highly EffectivePeople by Stephen Covey.

I actually first read this book as that earlytwenties cynic, and I didn’t actually really get a lot for it. I was just forced to do so because back inthe day, the company that I worked with made us read certain books when we were onboarding,so honestly it was with a lot of hostility that I read the book. And I took absolutely nothing away from it.

It wasn’t until years later when I ended upin a leadership training seminar that was hosted by the Covey Institute that I reallydeep dove meaningfully into the seven principles. – CAREER BOOKS FOR WOMEN

To say that those seven principles transformedmy career would be a drastic understatement. It was after that seminar that I literallywent from an entry level role into an executive level role within three years. And I would directly connect so many of mysuccesses in my career to my application of the seven principles.

If you haven’t already, I do recommend thatyou subscribe to my channel, because this is the first of many videos that are goingto be dedicated to helping you thrive in your career in 2020. And some of the principles that I have takenaway from the Covey Institute, and really had the biggest and most profound effect,are going to be things that I mentioned along the way.

But back to the book. This is one that I honestly I come back toand I read it at least once a year. Luckily my husband got the audio version. And since I have now become an audio bookperson, I will be probably listening to it once a month.

I’m probably not even exaggerating there. I am just really a huge fan of this one andI cannot recommend it enough. The fourth book that you absolutely need toget onto your reading list is The Myth of the Nice Girl by Fran Hauser. And I know you’re thinking, What’s up withthat? You told me the first book was nice girlsdon’t get the corner office… Now don’t get me wrong.

That first book has a lot of great insights,advice and strategies in it and again, helps us identify those subconscious things thatwe do that can really hold us back at our careers. What I love about the myth of the nice girlthough, is that it actually shows us that we can be our authentic kind selves at workand actually still succeed. One of the things that so many of the womenthat I work with struggle with is that they feel like they have to be outside of themselves.

They feel like they have to be the mean girlat work in order to get the respect that they really want, and the respect that they needto get into the next level. And the level after that. Fran’s career story is phenomenal. And I love how she’s injected her own personalstory and her own personal successes into the narrative of the book. And I think that Fran, throughout the book,is very successful in demonstrating how you can be both nice on successful professionally.

And ultimately I really like heading intothe new decade with the idea that nice girls do finish first. The fifth book is Reset: My Fight for Inclusionand Lasting Change by Ellen Pao. I actually read this one right when it firstcame out a few years ago, and I actually think that every woman should read this.

I feel like Ellen has swam in the bro-y-estof waters. If you’ve been in tech for a while, you haveprobably have come across Ellen Pao. Because she had a very high profile lawsuitagainst her former employer, who is one of the most powerful VCs in the tech industry. Her story and struggles is not just relatablefor any woman in a male dominated industry, especially in tech, but her story about howshe has moved up on.

And her determination and dedication to makereal change in the industry is absolutely inspiring. The six career book that you need to put ontoyour reading list for 2020 is The Confidence Code by Katie Kay and Claire Shipman. I was a little bit behind the ball on readingthis, and it’s actually another book that I read recently. – CAREER BOOKS FOR WOMEN

What I love about this book is that so manyof the women that I know and that I work with really struggle in terms of finding theirconfidence. And they do an exquisite deep dive into confidence;what it is, and how to establish it. There are so many actionable takeaways fromthis book, and I feel like this is going to be one that ends up on my read it again andagain and again reading list.

Because I think even if you are someone thathas a lot of confidence, there’s always going to be moments where we experience impostersyndrome. Everyone has that – men and women. And the confidence code really does a greatjob of exploring what confidence is, how to create it, and the most important takeawaysafter you read the book.

Now if you’ve been hanging tight, because you know there is that career book that you absolutely must read in 2020, great news becausehere it is the seventh book that you absolutely must read. And if you only read one book from this list,make it this book.

It is How Women Rise. It was coauthored by Sally Helgesen and MarshallGoldsmith. And again, if I just butchered how I pronounceher surname, Sally, I’m so sorry because I think you are so incredible. Marshall Goldsmith actually wrote anotherbook that’s also very good, It’s called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

And I read this book and it was great. And the reason why him and Sally wrote thisparticular book, is that some of the things in his book actually didn’t map to the careerstrategy that would work for women. So I love that these two amazing career strategistsand coaches have collaborated to author something that is so actionable.

And basically what Marshall and Sally do inthis book is outline the 12 habits that hold women back from getting the pay, the promotionsand the praise that they really deserve to have at work. And it’s one of those books that as I wasreading it, I was like, yes, this is hitting the nail on the head.

I actually think that this is really rarein a career book or a business book for women because I feel like so often the advice thatwe’re reading seems really lofty, unrelatable, or just not attainable. I can’t say that there’s anything that I disagreedwith when I read it.

And I personally felt like I actually even got a few takeaways from this one, which I honestly wasn’t expecting. And that’s the whole point of reading a book. If you don’t own this book yet, if it’s not already living on your nightstand, go and get it now. So that is my business books recommendations for women in 2020.


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