MBA INDIA VS MBA ABROAD – If you are planning to do MBA from Abroad and you are confused about which all exams needed to get admission in MBA abroad What all are Criteria and which are best MBA college you have to take care of these things if you are planning to get admission in foreign university Today we are going to discuss these things and if know more then Read Full Post its free Today’s topic is MBA from Abroad.

What all things you have to take care before taking admission in any college from abroad First thing you have to decide Why MBA from Abroad not from INDIA? If you have decided to do MBA from Abroad there are good points as well as bad or challenges points Which you can face If you do not take a planned decision.

First I will tell you good points if you do MBA from abroad then definitely boost your confidence you will get to meet new people your communication skills will improve these all these things will boost your confidence there is no discussion about it.

The second thing you will have International Exposure you will learn their things Culture diversity is also there Its a unique Experience Third thing if you do the job there Let’s Suppose you have done MBA from the USA And you get placed in the USA after MBA you will know what is the difference between their style of working and our style of doing business because two countries don’t have same type working their style of working is always different their business market.

The consumer is different and you will get know about these difference Till now we spoke about good things these all things happen with you if you are doing MBA from abroad Now we will speak What all preparation you have to do prior MBA Abroad What all Challenges you can face there if you do not take care of some important points.

Most Important of all from Which College you want to do your MBA If you want to MBA from Good College then you must have at least 3-4 years of relevant work experience For MBA Abroad you need to give GMAT exam To Know More About GMAT exam then press the I button If you want to do MBA from Foreign then you must have good GMAT score if your GMAT score is good then you will get good MBA college.

Aim for 650+ GMAT score Check College Accreditation before taking admission to any business school AACSB EQUIS AMBA AACSB is top-ranking accreditation World’s Top five MBA College is Accredited by AACSB Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, University of Pennsylvania Wharton, London Business School, Columbia Business School, INSEAD You Should take care about College accreditation How you are going to arrange finances for your MBA?

If you do MBA from INDIAN College expenditure would be around 15-25 Lakh or 25000-40000 USD as an average If you do MBA from Abroad Minimum Expenditure would be around 40-60 Lakh or 63000-94000 USD this thing you have to arrange smartly I have to find out an article in the economic times.

It’s about a girl who did her 1 year MBA from Average Foreign College she didn’t get a job there What all Challenges she had to face there I will put the link of that article in the description box you can read that article there you must check the ROI of the college How much time it takes to cover that loan amount which you have invested in your MBA Program When will you get a return on your Investment Check VISA Policy of that Country where you want to study Check Student Visa policy it’s important.

Check all these things in the Consideration before taking a decision from an MBA abroad because it’s going to be your one of the biggest decision in life.


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